Barry Jagoda — Courtesy Photo

It’s such a pleasure to introduce our esteemed SJF Communications client, Author, Journalist, PR professional as well as Media Advisor to former President Jimmy Carter. Barry’s new memoir is Journeys With Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media, published by Koehler Books. …

Writing poetry can be therapeutic

Do you remember? Last February, our lives were progressing at its usual quickened pace, everyone seemingly busy…meeting, hugging, going about their personal or work tasks, loving, learning, leaning in perhaps…everyone unknowingly taking our freestyle ways of living for granted.

Right? Come on…I know you’re with me!

And just like that…

Susan J. Farese, SJF Communications, Photo Credit — Emmy Farese

This 2020 global pandemic has had me thinking about how much I value being an entrepreneur.

I love many aspects about having been an entrepreneur (on and off since 1990):

1. the variety of client interactions and business opportunities

2. the element of embracing change and being a change agent

Writing poetry can be therapeutic and cathartic way to release stories and stress

As we approach the end of 2020 we are now post election, pre-inauguration and still in the middle of this beast, the Coronavirus pandemic. I am especially grateful for the creative arts and in my case my passion for the therapeutic cathartic outlet of writing and sharing poetry. …

Susan J Farese

Owner SJF Communications; Public Relations, Publicist, RN.MSN, Veteran, Photographer, Writer/Poet, Speaker, Actor, Mentor. “Creative Ideas | Dynamic Results”

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